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Stay Connected & Stay Safe on Social Media

Seniors and older adults are the fastest-growing age demographic on Facebook—with 46% of Americans over 65 on the site. Social media can be a great way to keep in touch with family, reconnect with old friends, and be entertained with videos, recipes, and articles. There are also stimulating games like Words with Friends and chess that […]

3 Steps to Help Your Loved One Avoid Scams

Unfortunately, many scams specifically target older adults, and often, adult children are the ones left to recognize, evaluate, and determine what happened. Franklin Park® Senior Living has luxury senior living communities throughout San Antonio, Texas, and understands the issues that scams can raise. We aim to educate our residents about how to prevent possible scams […]

Too Much Alone Time: The Dangers of Social Isolation for Seniors

Humans are social creatures. Spending time with friends and family is not only enjoyable, but it is also essential to our health. In fact, this Forbes article cited research showing that low social interaction is as bad (or worse) for your health as being an alcoholic, smoking 15 cigarettes a day, becoming obese, or never exercising. As […]