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Creating Meaningful Moments

Alzheimer's & Dementia Care Throughout San Antonio

Creating a great retirement community takes more than convenience, comfort, and luxury. For individuals dealing with dementia-related illnesses, including Alzheimer’s disease, and the families who love them, fulfilling care takes extra attention, compassion, and creativity.

Franklin Park®’s Refreshing Waters® Memory Care program does just that. It is person-centered care combined with meaningful lifestyle activity programs, designed to provide those with memory loss the best quality of life.

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Our Foundational Beliefs

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At Franklin Park® Senior Living, we strongly believe in providing an inviting, enjoyable, and, most of all, comfortable atmosphere for our memory care residents. We achieve this through well-trained and compassionate staff, working in an environment that is aesthetically pleasing and optimizes our residents’ physical, mental, and emotional health.

Our memory care team is made up of dedicated caregivers who specialize in caring for individuals with dementia-related conditions. They are respectful and empathetic, and understand the special needs associated with caring for people with memory loss.

The Refreshing Waters® Memory Care program, offering Alzheimer’s and dementia care throughout San Antonio, Texas, provides a purpose-built environment designed to enhance daily routines and allow residents to continue life’s journey confidently and comfortably—and surrounded by people who truly care for them.

We recognize that everyone has strengths, gifts, and something valuable to contribute to their community. The Refreshing Waters® Program is built on the understanding that those living with dementia-related illnesses still have a lot to say—we just need to know how to listen.

Our Memory Care Professionals Are Trained To:

We Integrate Innovative Programs Into Residents’ Daily Routines

One-to-One Activity | Requires taking the activity to the resident

Independent Groups | Usually self-directed or requiring little supervision

Small Groups | Three or more people sharing an activity

Large Groups | Ten or more people sharing an activity

Parallel Groups | Non-interacting groups participating in different programs based on interests and abilities

Dual Programming | Helps keep residents stimulated and engaged, with choices for simultaneous activities based on interests and abilities

Meaningful Accomodations

Memory Care Community Features

Carefully designed, vibrant spaces are plentiful in Franklin Park’s memory care communities because we know that residents value living in a community that values them. Our San Antonio memory care communities feature well-lit pathways, outdoor courtyards, and carefully planned floor plans that allow memory care residents to experience the best things about Franklin Park® while remaining comfortable and assured.

Because residents are our top priority, each amenity and feature in our memory care communities was crafted to help our residents accomplish their goals and succeed. Franklin Park’s memory care neighborhoods are designed to enhance familiarity, safety, routine, and comfort. We are committed to making every resident feel at home.

Offering Multiple Locations

San Antonio Memory Care

Franklin Park’s memory care communities are located throughout San Antonio, Texas, and the nearby areas of Round Rock and Boerne. Our resort-style communities offer a comfortable and engaging setting while also providing close distances to the vibrant cultural center of San Antonio. In addition, each of our memory care communities is located conveniently by hospitals, medical centers, and other conveniences.

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