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Active Living to Promote Healthy Aging

We’re proud to offer senior-friendly fitness centers at each of our retirement communities throughout San Antonio. Residents can participate in guided fitness opportunities or pursue a unique, independent fitness program at their own pace using treadmills, recumbent bikes, and free weights. Our fitness centers make it easy to maintain or improve an active lifestyle, and also offer a fun way to socialize with friends, too.

For those looking to cool off from the Texas heat with a refreshing swim in the pool every now and then, some of our communities feature swimming pools and engaging fitness programs such as water aerobics.

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Creating Healthy Routines

At Franklin Park®, we focus on creating an environment in which residents can stay active, engaged, and healthy. We make health and wellness a priority because we want to offer residents a lifestyle they love with people they love. We put special focus on promoting mental, physical, and spiritual health, offering a rotating calendar of events that foster community, activity, and spiritual well-being.

Medical Care Made Easy

For non-emergency medical care, we provide a list of qualified, independent health professionals in the local San Antonio area, including doctors, nurses, and physicians’ assistants. We can also help schedule an appointment and arrange transportation to and from an office visit.

In addition, many of the providers on our list of recommended health professionals will make house calls upon request, so residents can still get the medical help they need in the comfort of their homes.

You don’t have to search far to find the perfect blend of proper nutrition, social and physical activity, and readily available medical care. Choosing a Franklin Park® community is an ideal option for seniors to secure an active, engaging, and satisfying retirement.

Promoting Wellness Through Nutrition

Making smart dietary decisions can be just as important as exercising regularly. Our chefs are experts at creating meals with nutritional ingredients, traditional flavors, and personalized touches for those with sensitive diets.

Our meals are created to help our residents meet their dietary fitness and nutrition goals, with special consideration for health concerns such as diabetes, gluten sensitivity, weight management, high blood pressure, heart disease, and other conditions. Personalized menus, expertly selected fresh ingredients, and flavorful experiences await you and your loved ones at Franklin Park®.

Discover a Healthier You

The Franklin Park® Wellness Approach

Our communities* provide an active and engaging lifestyle for residents looking to get the most out of their senior living experience.

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