Free Senior Living Resources

Downloadable eBooks

What is Senior Living?

Learn what senior living communities have to offer and discover the care options available to you or your loved one.

Is Mom or Dad Lonely?

Recognize the signs of loneliness in your parent and why they may benefit from a senior living community.

Tips for Effective Communication

Learn strategies for effectively communicating with an aging parent or family member.

Transitioning to a Senior Living Community

Understand how to talk with your loved one about making a move into an assisted living community.

Guides, Checklists, and Other Downloadable Resources

Brain Health Activities

Use these fun puzzles and activities to stimulate your brain and improve memory!

Diabetic-Friendly Recipe Guide

Use this guide to make diabetic-friendly recipes for restaurant-quality meals at home!

Retirement Ready Checklist

Use this helpful checklist to reference when structuring your retirement plan.

Moving Checklist

Reference this helpful list when packing for your upcoming move to senior living.

Meditation Guide

Learn tips for reducing stress and managing feelings of anxiety.

Holiday Home Safety Checklist

Use this checklist to assess the home, safety, and well-being of your family members during a visit home for the holidays.

Physician Guide

Reference this guide to learn how often older adults should be seeing their doctor and why it’s important.

What Type of Care Does Your Parent Need?

Use this chart to help determine which care experience could be the most beneficial for your family.