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Culinary Excellence

Extravagant Dining

Brilliant, appetizing meals are created by professional chefs that are dedicated to tailoring each meal to the needs and wants of our residents.

Family recipes, secret ingredients, and smiling faces are all specialties of the skilled chefs at Franklin Park®, and we encourage your loved ones to challenge them with their favorite meals!

The Franklin Park® culture focuses on pleasing our residents and encouraging a healthy lifestyle. That’s why we offer lighter, healthy choice meals as well as home-style favorites, and everything in-between!

Whether the dish is traditional southern BBQ, a colorful fruit salad, or a mouth-watering slice carved from blackened prime rib, it’s our goal to make our culinary specialties a delight to the palate and the senses of each resident in our community.

A beautiful dining room, elegant meals and friendly staff are waiting to serve you. Tables ensconced in crisp white linen and dishes served on fine china set the tone for a meal worth savoring.

Fine Dining Made Easy

Special Occasions Happen Every Day

Although our chefs are experts at making your loved one’s favorite dishes, there comes a time when they need to take it to the next level.

Our dining program offers spaces for private, customized celebrations perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, and any other celebrations that you and your family wish to cherish together.

Personalized menus, expertly selected fresh ingredients, and flavorful experiences await you and your loved ones at Franklin Park®.

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A Compassionate Touch

The Franklin Park® Dining Experience

Come join your loved ones and experience the wonders of Franklin Park® Dining today.

Elegant Dining Areas

Personalized Meals

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Delightful Celebrations

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