Maintaining Clean and Safe Environments

We know that residents value products that look out for their safety, which is why we’ve partnered with R-Water, a company that makes cleaning products that are safe, rather than using toxic chemicals that can harm your health! Learn more about the benefits of Franklin Park’s R-Water partnership below.

The Health Benefits of Using R-Water

High Air Quality

Using R-Water products allows Franklin Park® to have spaces with fresh air, free of allergens, bacteria, and other debris. R-Water products are also fragrance-free, so residents won’t have to worry about smelling unappealing, artificial scents!

Products Without a Health Risk

We’re committed to maintaining an environment that is safe for the whole family. At Franklin Park®, we use cleaning products that are not only safe for humans, but they’re also safe for pets and the environment!

Disinfect Faster

Because Franklin Park® is dedicated to providing a safe environment for our residents, we use hospital-grade disinfectants that kill 100% of Staph/MRSA as well as 99.9997% of C. diff up to ten times faster than harsher cleaning alternatives.

Orange Cleaning Gloves

Products Without a Health Risk

R-Water products dry quickly and reduce the risk of residents and staff being injured by wet surfaces. Other products can leave greasy residues that linger on surfaces, increasing the risk of a slip and fall.

Cleaning Supplies

Disinfect Faster

R-Water solutions are intended for multiple surfaces and materials, allowing messes to be cleaned up quickly and easily, reducing the amount of time our staff is occupied with each task.


Water Conservation

Franklin Park® is proud to support water conservation by using R-Water products in each of our communities. These products use a reduced amount of water when compared to other cleaning products and can help our staff conserve the planet’s precious water!

Our Commitment to

Responsible Advancement

Franklin Park’s partnership with R-Water has not only improved resident safety, but it has allowed our communities to conserve water and avoid using products that are damaging to the environment. We are dedicated to continuing the commitment to use health-friendly products in our communities in a responsible and professional manner.