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A Supportive Experience

Assisted Living for Texas Seniors

We have designed Franklin Park’s assisted living lifestyle to provide exceptional support for seniors that need assistance with day-to-day activities such as bathing, grooming, dressing, and meal assistance.

A friendly, supportive team of professionals will help to provide care for your loved one while offering an engaging experience full of exciting activities and community gatherings. Our teams are committed to putting dedication into every detail.

Our goal is to create an environment in which your loved one has the confidence and support they need to achieve all of their goals at Franklin Park®.

An Important Distinction

Assisted Living vs. Independent Living

Sometimes, the differences between independent living and assisted living communities can be subtle. The two communities are often confused because independent living residents can opt to enjoy many of the same supportive amenities that assisted living communities offer.

Independent living communities are often for seniors looking to have an active experience, while assisted living is intended for seniors that want to have a helping hand in their daily life.

To learn more about Franklin Park’s independent living communities, contact one of our team members today!

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Creating Supportive Environments

Assisted Living Community Features

At Franklin Park®, residents will enjoy welcoming atmospheres accompanied by a highly trained team that take pleasure in helping your loved one accomplish all of their goals.

We’ve designed a community that promotes stimulating conversations, relationship building, and life-long friendships. Our residents, guests, and staff all play a pivotal role in creating a safe space for friends and family to enjoy the best days of their lives.

A variety of beautiful common areas and pleasing landscapes allow residents to share fond memories with friends over a cup of lemon tea or relax and read a book while they catch some sun!

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Discover Franklin Park’s supportive environments and help your loved ones acheive their goals today.