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Stress-Free Zone: Managing Stress and Anxiety

Everyone experiences stress throughout their lives. Between work, relationships, health, and just about anything else, there are plenty of things in our lives that can cause stress. For most people, occasional stressors are common, and even to be expected. However, when you find yourself constantly stressed or anxious, it can be harmful to your mental […]

Stress Management and Preventing Chronic Disease

Everyone experiences moments of stress. Whether it’s work, money, or relationships, our lives are full of factors that can cause stress. While it can be inconvenient or annoying, it can also be bad for your short and long-term health. In addition to eating well, exercising regularly, and avoiding tobacco, managing stress is one of the […]

Physical and Mental Benefits of Golf

“The modern game of golf originated in 15th century Scotland,” and its first major, The Open Championship, or British Open, is considered “the world’s oldest tournament in existence (Wikipedia).” While it is a sport many associate with retirement due to its slower pace, it is actually a sport that provides a variety of physical and […]

Helping Seniors Share Their Life Story

Helping your loved one share their life story is a meaningful task. It is a task that can help bring you and your loved one closer together while allowing him or her to reap the mental benefits that come along with reminiscing and storytelling. At Franklin Park® Senior Living, with retirement communities in San Antonio, Texas, […]