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Physical and Mental Benefits of Golf

“The modern game of golf originated in 15th century Scotland,” and its first major, The Open Championship, or British Open, is considered “the world’s oldest tournament in existence (Wikipedia).” While it is a sport many associate with retirement due to its slower pace, it is actually a sport that provides a variety of physical and […]

Helping Seniors Share Their Life Story

Helping your loved one share their life story is a meaningful task. It is a task that can help bring you and your loved one closer together while allowing him or her to reap the mental benefits that come along with reminiscing and storytelling. At Franklin Park® Senior Living, with retirement communities in San Antonio, Texas, […]

Importance of Hydration for Seniors

With the summer season comes a list of outdoor activities for those of all ages to enjoy! While exploring the great outdoors, for the most part, can be fantastic, it can also be dangerous when it comes to your body’s needs. Exploring outside and participating in activities is key to a healthy and happy lifestyle, […]

Health Benefits for Residents at Franklin Park®

Health benefits for seniors is a widely talked about subject with a lot to discuss. Senior living communities are growing and including physical and mental activities that provide many health benefits for seniors. With communities like Franklin Park® Senior Living expanding and evolving to better their community members. There are many activities that provide health benefits […]

Making Senior Health Appointments Convenient for Older Adults

Managing your loved one’s health can be an overwhelming task, but staying positive and maintaining a positive attitude is essential. Getting involved in your loved one’s health care shows support and can decrease health risks. At Franklin Park® Senior Living, we believe in providing the best health care options for seniors and would like to share […]

The Impact of Technology on Senior Living

Advancements in technology happen so quickly that it can be hard to keep up with at times. Franklin Park® Senior Living knows that seniors love to adapt and learn, so we want to share a few of the impacts that advancing technology has created for older adults. Convenience Although it may not be the most impressive […]