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Importance of Hydration for Seniors

With the summer season comes a list of outdoor activities for those of all ages to enjoy! While exploring the great outdoors, for the most part, can be fantastic, it can also be dangerous when it comes to your body’s needs. Exploring outside and participating in activities is key to a healthy and happy lifestyle, so it’s important to find ways to best prepare your body for an outdoor adventure. Did you know, as you age, your sense of thirst will decrease? That does not mean you need less water!

As temperatures rise during the summer, the odds of dehydration do, too. Senior hydration is essential, and Franklin Park® Senior Living would like to offer up a few hydration tips to ensure the safety of seniors seeking an active, outdoor-filled summer experience!

Why Senior Hydration Matters

The importance of senior hydration exists every season and is present in every step of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The safe bet is to drink eight 8-ounce glasses of water every day. Without water, you may quickly become dehydrated, which can lead to additional adverse effects.

Dehydration is the root of most heat-related ailments. From heat exhaustion to heatstroke, these illnesses can vary in severity, but all have the same source. While some medications may increase your risk of heat-related issues, others may curb your desire to drink. This is important to remember during the summer months when senior hydration becomes more critical because seniors are more prone to heat-related issues.

Know Your Limits and Drink Fluids

The first tip to staying safe is knowing your limits. If you are outside during 85+ degree weather, it is best not to strain yourself. Hydration is incredibly important as you venture outdoors; even a simple task like gardening can cause a risk of dehydration. If you don’t listen to your body or know your limits, you may find yourself pushing those boundaries and overexerting yourself. The best thing you can do for your body is to drink a steady stream of fluids. Maintaining your fluid intake doesn’t mean you have to drink a gallon of water every hour, but it does mean you have to push your water intake.

If you’re planning on spending the day outside, you should always have a bottle or glass of water in reach. If you feel yourself overheating, don’t hesitate to take a moment to yourself and drink water. One of the serious concerns about many heat-related issues is the fact that dehydration decreases your body’s craving to drink water.

No Water, No Problem!

While some people love water, others dislike it. Even though you still have to intake water to survive, you don’t necessarily have to drink it. Many foods can help you maintain fluid intake and avoid dehydration. Fruits are a great example of foods you can eat that contain a large percentage of water. The list of foods that can help hydrate you is fairly large, from cucumbers to blueberries, you have plenty of options!

Another way around this could be smoothies. While they are tastier and provide more flavor than natural water, they still provide your body with fluids. Adding sugar-free water flavors are another great way to combat the redundancy of water and make it more exciting. As mentioned, there are several ways to increase your fluid intake that don’t center around just drinking plain water.

As summertime comes again and temperatures soar, it is best to know your limits and take care of yourself. Hydration is an increasingly important topic to remember for seniors during the months of summer but is important no matter the time of year. Franklin Park® Senior Living encourages outdoor activities for all of our community members. If you are seeking a new adventure and want to be a part of a community, Franklin Park® may be the next spot you explore!