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Are Seniors Too Old for TikTok? Definitely Not!

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There is a stigma that social media is for younger generations, but more and more older adults are joining the various platforms. Whether it is to view and consume content or create and share their own, 69% of adults between the ages of 50 and 64 and 40% of individuals above 65 use social media.

There is one platform that is becoming increasingly popular, especially since the global COVID-19 pandemic – TikTok. While it was initially geared toward young adults, TikTok can be enjoyed by people of all ages. In fact, 11% of TikTok users are 50 years of age and older.

Our team at Franklin Park® Senior Living, with luxury senior living communities throughout Texas, is highlighting this social media platform and how seniors can (and should!) enjoy it!

What is TikTok?

Originally deemed the “virtual playground of teenagers,” TikTok is a social media platform that allows users to share and consume content, similar to any other social platform. Unlike other platforms, though, TikTok is video-based, with content ranging from 15 seconds up to one minute. However, a recent change was made that allows the maximum video length to be up to three minutes long.

The app also includes editing tools that enable users to enhance their content with audio, filters, alter the pace of their video (sped up or slow motion), and more.

TikTok quickly became known for its users sharing short videos of themselves dancing, singing, and lip-syncing to music, but you can find just about any type of video on the platform now. Whether you are looking for DIYs, how-to videos, recipes, or funny pet antics, you can find it on TikTok.

Why Do People Use TikTok?

TikTok is a mood elevator. The short cute or funny videos provide a quick mood boost and entertainment.

Another reason why people like to use TikTok is that it is more authentic than other social media platforms. Let’s face it; many of us are getting tired of the heavily filtered posts on Instagram that make other people’s lives seem too perfect or better than our own.

Instead of trying to be glamorous, users on TikTok tend to share a glimpse into their real lives. This is one reason why older generations are drawn to the platform as they feel less self-conscious and more comfortable posting content.

Additionally, TikTok is more inclusive than other social media platforms. Age, or anything else, does not matter. As long as your content is entertaining, people on the platform will engage with it.

Using TikTok to Fight Ageist Stereotypes

Not only are seniors not too old for TikTok, but they are actually using the platform to fight ageism. Whether they are creating their own content or are being featured in someone else’s video, several older adults are using TikTok to showcase themselves performing activities that help do this.

According to The Guardian, “research has found increasing numbers of accounts belonging to users aged 60 and older with millions of followers.”

A few accounts to look up include:

  • Grandad Joe – @grandadjoe1933
  • Grandma Doniak – @grandma_droniak
  • Cooking with Lynja – @cookingwithlynja
  • Grandma Great – @grandmagreat

Getting Started with TikTok

There are plenty of videos and other resources available that can teach you how to use TikTok, but one of the best ways to learn is to download the app, create an account, and start exploring the platform!

Once you download and create an account, you will be prompted to select subjects that interest you so TikTok can start to learn what type of content you enjoy. This will determine the kinds of videos you will see on your feed.

After you watch some videos and feel comfortable with what TikTok is all about, you can start creating your own videos!

The idea that seniors are too old for TikTok is completely false! This social media platform is designed for everyone to enjoy, regardless of age. 

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