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Why Seniors Should Stay Socially Active

We all feel lonely from time to time, but seniors are especially susceptible to chronic loneliness. In fact, it affects 1 in 5 seniors. Seniors often are less mobile than they once were, leaving them isolated in some cases. Isolation and loneliness can cause them to experience symptoms such as cognitive decline, depression, increased stress levels, high blood pressure, and in some cases, an early death.

Thankfully, these side effects are entirely preventable by taking measures to ensure seniors maintain a high level of social wellness and regular activity.

Some common symptoms of seniors who may be experiencing isolation and loneliness are:

  • Seldom leaving the house
  • Rarely interacting with other people
  • Difficulty with housekeeping, cooking, and daily activities
  • Lack of personal hygiene
  • Experiencing tiredness or fatigue

Health Benefits of Being Socially Active

Not only does having an active social life make you happier, but it also makes you healthier. Adults who are regularly socially active can expect benefits such as improved cardiovascular health, reduced risk of Alzheimer’s diseases and dementia, and decreased chance of certain cancers. Therefore, encouraging social wellness and regular social interaction helps seniors to live a more independent life without the need for medical intervention.

Activities that Promote Social Wellness

Social wellness refers to the ability to bond and maintain meaningful relationships with others. If seniors have been isolated for a while, or are naturally shy, it may take some encouragement to get them to participate in activities. However, social interaction is much like physical exercise, while it may be uncomfortable at first, it will get easier!

While appropriate activities will vary based on an individual’s abilities and personal preferences, here are ten suggestions to get started:

  • Attend a group exercise class
  • Plan a recurring dinner with friends
  • Attend sporting events or movies
  • Participate in a hobby class (like painting or woodworking)
  • Visit out of town friends or family
  • Volunteer once a week at a non-profit organization
  • Make arrangements to be a guest reader at a local school
  • Join a gardening or book club
  • Plan a poker or game night at your house
  • Explore new hobbies at a senior center

How Franklin Park® Promote Social Interaction

Our communities bustle with activity throughout the day. Regardless of what a resident is interested in, we try to plan activities to suit all preferences. Our thoughtful caregivers encourage even the shyest of residents to participate and create lasting relationships with others.

Call and schedule a visit to one of the Franklin Park® communities and learn more about how our activities can help promote your social wellness. We look forward to meeting you!