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10 Spring Activities for Seniors

When the weather starts to warm up, the flowers are blooming, and the sun starts to peak longer through the day, it is the perfect time to get outside and get some fresh air. Franklin Park® Senior Living has independent living for seniors and wants to encourage family members to engage in outdoor activities with their loved ones this spring. Usually, during the winter months, seniors stay cooped up inside due to the cold weather and in some regions to avoid ice or snow. Getting mom or dad to go outside and get some sun is a healthy way to brighten their day and lift their mood.

According to the National Institute of Health, sunlight exposure can cause a chemical reaction that improves cognitive function and can help with improving negative thoughts associated with depression. So, there is no excuse to not spend some time outside with your loved one this spring. Need some springtime ideas? Check out these ten spring activities for seniors!

1. Nature Walks

The most common way to spend time outdoors is to go and appreciate nature. The easiest way for you to do this with mom or dad is by taking a stroll through the neighborhood together. If your relative’s community does not offer much in ways of foliage, we would recommend going to a local park. If your loved one is confined to a wheelchair, be sure to check that the park is wheelchair accessible before venturing out. If you are worried about any medical conditions, it is also nice to sit near an open window together.

2. Farmer’s Market

Visiting a farmer’s market is an excellent activity for seniors to do during the spring. It is nice to see families with young children, pets, fresh food, and even local art. You and your loved one can stroll amongst all the vendors and perhaps sample various drinks and foods. You can also bring home some fresh fruits or vegetables for healthy snacks and meals.

3. Gardening

In addition to trying to eat healthily, a garden is a great source of herbs, fruits, or vegetables. Not only do you get to taste spring with a garden, but you can also participate in some gardening fun out in the sun with your loved one. We recommend wearing a hat and gloves for safety. Depending on what you and your loved one decide to plant, you can cook a delicious meal together with your produce, allowing you to spend more time together and keep your loved one active.

4. Plant Nursery

Plant Nurseries are a great place in the springtime with all the freshly sprung plants. Find a nursery that has your loved one’s favorite plants. For example, if your mom likes daffodils, do a little research to find the nursery closest to you that offers daffodils. It is nice to visit a nursery, enjoy the pretty foliage and smell the fresh aromas of spring. You can also find an easy-to-manage plant to buy and brighten up your loved one’s home.

5. Spring Cleaning

Bringing nature into your loved one’s home can help set the ambiance of spring, which can help improve moods and is pleasurable to see. If you do bring some nature into the house, try lavender or flowers so everyone can enjoy the spring scents. Be sure to help out with spring cleaning as well. If your loved one lives in an independent living community for seniors, you can check to see if any neighbors need help as well, helping mom or dad stay social. Cleaning up the dust can help with allergies and brighten up the home. A lot of times the older adult in your life could benefit from de-cluttering as well. Spring is the perfect time for new beginnings.

6. Fishing

Springtime is a great time to go fishing and catch your next dinner. This is a great idea for Dad, but if you are looking for something to do for mom it may not be her cup of tea. Going out on a dock or boat is always nice to look out at the beautiful clear water and see crystal blue skies with the greens of the trees on the lake bank. If your loved one has some mobility problems, find a wheelchair-accessible pier to fish off of.

7. Tourist Attractions

If your relative has been cooped up all winter long, being outside can be very beneficial. If you take your time outside to visit a historical landmark, it can also be mentally stimulating. Other tourist attractions that are great to bring mom or dad to are local landmarks, sporting events, natural assets, and cultural attractions.

8. Sports

Participating in a sporting activity together can be fun and is excellent for burning calories. A great example of sporting together is to take dad golfing on a sunny day. Just be mindful to apply sunscreen to avoid burning. Also, in a lot of communities with independent living for seniors, they have group sports, such as softball. If your loved one has some physical disabilities, you can partake in something less physically exhausting, such as blowing bubbles or feeding the ducks at a local pond.

9. Bird Watching

Bird watching is a beautiful spring activity to do with your mom or dad. You could go to a state park with binoculars and see the birds chirping and finding food for their babies. If your loved one’s abilities are more limited, you can buy a bird feeder for the backyard and let the birds come to you. It is a great opportunity to make some sun tea or lemonade and sit out on the porch together.

10. Restaurants

If your loved one lives in a community for seniors with independent living or assisted living options, there may be meals provided for them daily. It is a great idea to take them out to eat to change up their menu and let them choose exactly what they want to eat. To take advantage of the beautiful spring weather, find a restaurant that has outside seating. Spring offers warm weather, sunny days, and fresh fruits, vegetables, and flowers.

Celebrate the beautiful springtime together with these 10 spring break activities for seniors. We encourage you to invite mom or dad out for an afternoon to enjoy the beautiful weather and spend some cherished time together.

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