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Memory Care Activities with Your Loved One

Making sure aging loved ones stay engaged and active is a crucial part of their happiness. At Franklin Park® Senior Living, we firmly believe in providing a warm and delightful environment for our residents, especially those who are in need of memory care. That is why we offer the Franklin Park® Refreshing Waters® Memory Care. If your loved one has dementia or Alzheimer’s, you know firsthand how even daily activities can be a challenge.

Dementia can result in loved ones pulling away from social activities and relationships. To help them stay active and connected, try these activities.

Create a Keepsake

One of the best activities to help keep your parent’s memory sharp is to show them their favorite memories! Creating a keepsake together can be an emotionally rewarding activity. You can put together a memory box or scrapbook with photos, notes, and other cherished objects. Be sure to include photos of friends and family members, spouses, children, siblings, and parents – even if they have already passed.

Another great idea is to include postcards of places your loved one has visited or resided in. You can also include notes of their likes or dislikes, the title of their first car or home, and their favorite things.

Play Games

Cognitively stimulating leisure activities can help in slowing the progression of memory decline, according to a study from the National Institute of Health. Some great examples of leisure activities you can participate in with your parent include crossword puzzles, jigsaw puzzles, reading or writing for fun, card games, board games, and dancing. If mom or dad have vision impairments, try large wooden puzzle pieces. There are also brain-training applications you can download on smartphones or tablets.

Arts and Crafts

To allow your loved one an opportunity to express themselves through creation can be a gift within itself. The goal of arts and crafts is to promote mental stimulation and maintain cognitive functions. This activity can be as simple as a coloring book or playing music on an instrument, like a piano. If this is done within a group, which is the case with Franklin Park’s Memory Care activity itinerary, then it can also pose as a social event. It is important for you to participate with your parent to keep them aware of what tools do what and to help minimize accidents.

A great arts and crafts idea to do with a loved one that has memory impairments is sculpting vases or building rainsticks together. Other activities to do with a loved one in memory care could be taking them to a pet store to play with the puppies or bringing an emotional support dog over for connection. Preparing and eating a meal together is always a nice and comforting activity. Preparing a delicious salad or sushi rolls is a great way to spend time together!

No matter which activity you choose, just be sure to make time for your loved one. We encourage you to contact Franklin Park® Senior Living if you would like to learn more about our memory care services throughout San Antonio, Texas.