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5 Steps to Help Your Parent Transition to Assisted Living

Every adult child wants a stress-free life transition for his elderly parent, whether it is into assisted living in San Antonio or memory care in Austin. At Franklin Park® Senior Living, we encourage all adult children to help ease their parents into this transition, address all their concerns, and be sure to make them as comfortable as possible.

We have staff that is highly trained for senior transitioning, but there are also steps that you can do for your loved one as well. The following are the five steps to guide you and your parent into a smooth and stress-free transition.

Step 1: Talk About It

Do you remember the first night of summer camp or the night you moved into your own dorm for college? Making a big life change can be scary and even lonely for those involved. The best way to combat that sinking loneliness is through communication. Simply talk to mom or dad and prepare them for what the move will be like. Ensure them that you will always be a phone call away. It is also a good move to ask them what their worries or concerns are and be able to talk through them together as a team.

Also, make sure your loved one has a source of communication. Create an address book for them and make sure they have a landline, cell phone, or at least a computer to communicate on. Most neighborhoods in San Antonio with assisted living communities offer telephones and internet for their residents. If your elderly parent is nervous, listen to them, and then communicate and let them listen to you.

Step 2:  Home Is Where the Heart Is

Any house can be a home, it is up to you to help your parent realize that their new community is their home. The best way to achieve this is to decorate their new living quarters with familiar items. You may be tempted to buy mom or dad all new appliances to increase the appeal, but it may be best to stick with items they are content with.

It may not be possible to bring your loved one’s bed but bring a pillow and blanket that make them feel comfortable. Be sure to decorate their new living quarters with family photos, knick-knacks, some dishes, their rug, and possibly their coffee-maker.

Step 3: Let Them Know You Are Thinking of Them

Receiving a special gift out of the blue for mom or dad can brighten up their entire day. It will show them that you love and support them during this transition in their lives. You can send a bouquet of flowers and a thoughtful card to brighten up their new apartment. Other things you can send to their new home in the assisted living community are a fruit bouquet, chocolates, a photo album, or that new book your loved one wanted to read.

Step 4: Visit Often

The best way to help your loved one transition is to be there for them, physically. They will feel more comfortable checking into an assisted living community if you are there to walk them every step of the way. Also, continue visiting them regularly, either after work or on your lunch break. If this is not a possibility for you, ask a relative or family friend to visit your parent, the more, the merrier.

Step 5: Keep Them Busy

Just because your parent is making this transition to assisted living in San Antonio, does not mean that their lives have to stop. In fact, you should make sure that they stay busy. If they have any hobbies, such as knitting, make sure they keep up their hobbies and have access to the materials they need. Help them sign up for a community book club or make sure a newspaper is delivered to their home every day. You can also see what programs are available in San Antonio and help them sign up for a senior art class. Whatever brought them joy in their previous house they can most likely keep it going in their new home.

Are you interested in learning more about how to help your parent live happily in assisted living or other senior communities? Our staff here at Franklin Park® would love to speak with you. Contact us!