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Transitioning a Parent to Senior Living: Overcoming Feelings of “Guilt”

Placing a parent in an assisted living or senior living community is never an easy decision to make. However, there may come a time when the level of care he or she needs is above what you can offer.

Should that be the case, it becomes necessary to move them to an environment where they’ll get the professional care and assistance they require. Whatever the circumstances surrounding the decision, Franklin Park® Senior Living, with senior communities throughout San Antonio, Texas, knows it can stir up feelings of guilt and worry. We want to provide advice to alleviate these feelings and make the transition to senior living easier for everyone involved.

When Is the Right Time for Senior Living?

Every family’s situation is different. Perhaps you have been acting as a caregiver for your mom or dad and are starting to realize that he or she requires more care than you are able to provide. Or, maybe your mom or dad lives alone, but you are starting to question if that is the best option for him or her. If this is the case, some questions that can act as a guide to knowing when and if you should consider placing your parent in assisted living or senior care include:

  • Are they lonely or isolated living in their own home?
  • Do they have problems with activities of daily living (ADLs)?
  • Does your loved one seem to take longer recovering after they are sick or have hurt themselves?
  • Have you noticed hygiene problems?
  • Are routine chores (laundry, dishes, etc.) not getting done around the house?

These are just some of the many questions you may ask yourself. If the answer to these questions is yes, it is likely time to consider additional care options, including placing your parent in an assisted living or senior care setting.

Am I Making the Right Choice?

While you may know in your head that placing your mom or dad in a senior living community is the best choice, your heart may make you feel otherwise. You may feel sad and guilty. These feelings are normal, but they shouldn’t feel overwhelming or deter you from making a decision that will benefit your parent in the long run.

Psychology Today offers a very important realization; just because you feel guilty about your decision, doesn’t mean you are guilty. You didn’t cause this, and you shouldn’t feel as though you need to take full responsibility for it. Many of us require, or will require, additional care and assistance as we age. Placing your mom or dad in an environment where they will receive this care will enhance their independence and their quality of life. Remembering that may ease your feelings of concern or guilt.

Many children or family members also assume feelings of guilt for not taking on the role of caregiver. In that situation, it’s important to realize that you are only human. You have limitations, your own needs, and your own responsibilities (job, children, hobbies, etc.), so be kind to yourself.

Dealing with Feelings of Guilt

As a very direct approach to ease feelings of sadness and guilt, Psychology Today suggests talking to your mom or dad about the feelings you are experiencing. Most parents would not want their child to feel such guilt, pain, or distress.

Focusing on the benefits of senior care is also an effective way to relieve some unwanted feelings and emotions you may be experiencing. Remember what an assisted and senior living setting can offer your parent; quality dietary and nutrition options, socialization, assistance to maintain their independence, and companionship, to name a few.

Franklin Park® Senior Living focuses on creating a personalized experience for each resident. Beyond our professionally trained team members, we offer individuals a variety of services and accommodations so that each resident can get the most out of their days. From chef-prepared meals to beautiful common areas, our communities offer modern amenities in a home-like environment.

We know that transitioning a parent to senior living is a significant decision, and so is finding the right community. We encourage you to contact our Franklin Park® team to learn more about our services, communities, and how we can improve your parent’s retirement years.