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Helping a Parent Transition into Assisted Living in San Antonio

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If you and your family have determined that making the transition into an assisted living community is the best decision for your parent, you may be feeling a range of emotions. You know this is the best option for your parent’s well-being and lifestyle, and your parent might even be excited about the opportunities that await them in their new community. 

However, it’s important to remember that any significant life change comes with plenty of uncertainty, doubt, and fear. Any emotions that your parent might feel during the transition to assisted living are valid and understandable. Still, it’s also important for you to know exactly how to help provide them with comfort, encouragement, and empathy.

Our assisted living communities in San Antonio offer a lifestyle of convenience and care, but most importantly, confidence. For older adults who need a helping hand with activities of daily living, our expert team provides the support that they deserve so that they can focus on the things that really matter in life.

The Franklin Park® Senior Living team is sharing tips for you to help your parent overcome their fear of the transition into assisted living.

Empathize with Their Feelings

The first step to truly understanding the fear that your parent is harboring is to discover the root of their reluctance to assisted living. Even if they’re excited about the social opportunities and amenities that their chosen community offers, it’s natural to be worried about moving to a brand-new home where they aren’t familiar with their surroundings or other residents. 

Take some time to start a discussion with your parent so that you can figure out the underlying cause of their uncertainty. Initiate the conversation by telling them that their feelings are valid and that you want them to be completely honest with you about their emotions.

Your parent might be harboring a fear of losing their independence once they move out of their current home. They might feel as though there’s a chance family and friends will forget about them or decline to visit on a regular basis. Perhaps they feel anxious about any financial concerns.

Provide Encouragement

Depending on the reasons behind your parent’s fears and uncertainties, you must be prepared to empathize with them and provide the reassurance they need to take this next step and feel supported.

Many older adults are reluctant to move to an assisted living community due to the common myths and misconceptions that surround senior living, whether based on rumors or outdated information. They also fear assisted living means they won’t have any form of autonomy after moving in, which is simply not true. If this is the case for your parent, be sure to remind them that assisted living communities adopt an active approach to senior living while offering a helping hand with daily tasks. This approach enables individuals to spend more time exploring hobbies, building new social circles, and enhancing their wellness.

However, misconceptions and myths aren’t the only reason some adults fear assisted living communities. Many people believe that after making the transition into assisted living they’ll be forgotten by friends and family. You and other members of your family can ease this fear by coming together to provide peace of mind that you’ll stay in touch regularly, come to the community for visits, and remain by your parent’s side as they begin this new journey.

Help Them Explore Their New Community

Once you’ve begun to make moving arrangements for your parent’s transition to assisted living, it’s important to familiarize yourself and your parent with their new community. Visit the community before the move and participate in any activities or events that they offer so your parent is able to meet team members, get to know residents, and have a sense of established friendships and familiarity before moving day.

While the transition into assisted living is a huge step, your parent should be excited about beginning this new journey toward an enhanced lifestyle, and you can help support them through this process. 

To learn more about our assisted living communities in San Antonio, Texas, and all that we offer at Franklin Park® Senior Living, visit our website or contact a member of our team.