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4 Myths About Senior Living

Over the years, myths and misconceptions about senior living have developed. As these begin to accumulate, it can be hard for families to decipher what is a myth and what is a fact regarding senior living.

In reality, most of these myths about senior living communities stem from a few unfortunate experiences which have left a bad reputation for the industry. Franklin Park® Senior Living has a variety of retirement communities in San Antonio, Texas, and the surrounding areas, and we want to dispel some of the myths surrounding senior living, and highlight the reality of senior living communities like ours!

Myth #1: Assisted Living Means the Loss of Independence

We know that the loss of independence is a significant concern amongst the senior population. According to a study conducted by the Disabled Living Foundation, over two-thirds (68%) of those surveyed said losing their independence or becoming dependent on others concerned them the most about getting older.

Many families and seniors assume that moving to an assisted living community results in the loss of independence. While it is true that assisted living communities assist residents with activities of daily living, Franklin Park® Senior Living communities don’t aim to take away independence. We want to give our residents the ability to lead an enhanced retirement life full of social activities and community events while helping them feel comfort in knowing that assistance is nearby if needed.

Myth #2: Living at Home is Cheaper

While living at home seems affordable, homeownership comes with its own unique set of obstacles. If the home is paid off, it can be especially easy to justify. When you factor in the costs and added efforts of homeownership, it can start to add up and cause unnecessary strain and stress on your parent or loved one’s retirement. Maintenance, yard work, and appliance upgrades/repairs are among a few of the hidden costs that can catch some off guard.

The monthly housing fee at our Franklin Park® Senior Living communities covers maintenance, transportation services, safety and security systems, access to upscale amenities, utilities, and more. This allows your parent or loved one to experience a more enriching, stress-free retirement!

Myth #3: The Food is Poorly Made

One of the most common myths about senior living is the poor reputation around the food and dining services. When people think about the dining services at a senior living community, they imagine the food will be bland, and the dining area will be uninviting. While we cannot speak on behalf of every senior living community and their dining services, our Franklin Park® Senior Living communities take an elevated approach to dining services.

We take pride in the dining services and meal options we offer our residents. Our dining services feature exceptional meals that are crafted by professional chefs. Our culinary team works hand-in-hand with our residents to help create meals that suit every need.

We also encourage you to contact our team and schedule a free lunch at one of our communities!

Myth #4: Senior Living Communities Have Nothing to Do

One of the popular myths about senior living is that there is nothing to do within the communities. At our Franklin Park® Senior Living retirement communities throughout San Antonio, Texas, and the surrounding areas, this couldn’t be any further from the truth! Our communities are host to a plethora of activities that take place every day. Our residents can enjoy activities of all kinds, from fitness classes to movie shows in our theater room; there’s never a dull day at a Franklin Park® Senior Living community. We focus on creating an environment in which residents can stay active, engaged, and healthy.

There are a variety of myths regarding senior living that we did not touch on, so we encourage you to contact our experts to ask any questions or concerns, or to set up a tour of one of our communities!