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What is Independent Living?

When older adults start to consider their senior living options, they tend to focus on assisted living communities. However, there is another option – independent living communities. Independent living or 55-plus communities are ideal for seniors who can live independently but want access to added convenience and amenities.

Once you see the advantages and start to think about the possibilities of a new life with fewer burdens, you may feel like a weight has been lifted. However, what is independent living, and is it the right fit for you?

Franklin Park® Senior Living, offering luxury independent living services throughout the San Antonio, Texas, area, is sharing some information about what independent living is and if it’s right for you!

Is Independent Living Right for You?

Simply put, an independent living community is a housing option for active, healthy seniors who can live on their own while managing their daily tasks. Although able to live on their own, seniors who choose to transition into independent living also want to escape the burden and work that goes along with home maintenance. This will allow them instead time to focus on social activities and discover new passions.

Independent living communities offer seniors the chance to enjoy a more stress-free lifestyle without the demands of homeownership. A stress-free lifestyle gives the senior more time for pursuits outside of the community such as travel, or volunteering!

Benefits of Independent Living

Our other luxury San Antonio communities offer cottages and apartment home options, and several benefits including:

  • Maintenance-free lifestyle: No more mowing the lawn, fixing broken windows, or replacing the dishwasher! Enjoy your retirement and spend your time focusing on yourself.
  • Assistance (as needed): Of course, the goal is to live independently, but some seniors may still require help with tasks from time to time, and independent living communities can offer this assistance.
  • Social engagement: One of the most significant benefits of these communities is the socialization aspect. Residents can connect and interact with like-minded seniors, participate in networking events, or attend physical fitness classes!

Why Franklin Park?

Franklin Park® independent living residents are welcome to take advantage of a variety of services, including our meal program, laundry, transportation services, home and personal security, and many more. Our community strives to ensure all residents feel safe, secure, and happily engaged – both mentally and physically.

Our independent living cottages and apartment homes are artistically designed to capture a sense of style – combining luxury with functionality. Some of the amenities* and services our independent living residents have access to include:

  • Transportation options
  • On-site library
  • Outdoor swimming pool
  • Spa & beauty salon, and barbershop
  • Fitness center
  • Theatre
*May vary by location.

These residents also have the option to add housekeeping and chef-prepared meals to allow for a genuinely stress-free lifestyle!

As a family-owned and operated company, we are dedicated to making a difference in senior living, and the lives of our residents and their families. We encourage you to schedule a visit to one of our luxury independent living communities in San Antonio—we look forward to getting to know you!