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5 Steps to Take Following a Dementia Diagnosis

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When a parent or someone you love receives a dementia diagnosis, it can be an emotional time for your family. While you may understand why you have been noticing certain symptoms in your loved one, you likely have a lot more questions than answers.

Our Franklin Park® Senior Living team understands that this is a challenging time for your family. Fortunately, many of our communities offer memory care in San Antonio and Boerne, Texas, so we are experienced in navigating the world of dementia and helping families through the initial diagnosis. Because of this, we are sharing five steps to take after a parent or family member receives a dementia diagnosis.

Step #1: Process Your Emotions

It’s expected that you will feel a variety of emotions after someone you love receives a dementia diagnosis. You may feel everything from sad and worried to confused or angry. Perhaps you even feel a sense of loss. However, it’s also possible that you feel a slight sense of relief knowing that, with this diagnosis, your loved one can get the proper care and support.

Whether or not this dementia diagnosis came as a shock, it is a lot to take in, and it will take time to process all of your emotions. Give yourself the space and time to do this, keeping in mind that the other members of your family may be feeling the same way as you.

Step #2: Learn About the Diagnosis

Once you know which type of dementia your parent or loved one has been diagnosed with, learn as much as you can about their condition. This will help you better understand what they are going through, as well as help you recognize possible symptoms and learn how their condition will progress so you, your loved one, and your family can better plan for the future.

Step #3: Explore Care Options

Memory care services can help manage symptoms associated with your loved one’s dementia by providing specialized programming in a safe community environment.

Franklin Park® memory care communities in San Antonio and Boerne offer our Refreshing Waters® Memory Care program. Our approach to memory care combines person-centered care with meaningful lifestyle activity programs to provide those living with Alzheimer’s or related dementia with the best possible quality of life.

From highly trained caregivers and other team members to innovative programming, each amenity and feature of our memory care communities is offered to help residents accomplish their goals and find success.

Our memory care services include:

  • Three healthy meals a day and snacks
  • Housekeeping and laundry services
  • Lifecare memory stations
  • Social, mental, and spiritual services
  • Outdoor courtyard
  • Transportation services
  • Innovative programming

Step #4: Plan for the Future

Involve your parent or loved one in the decisions about their future, especially in the early stages of the condition, so they can share their thoughts, feelings, and wishes.

Additionally, it is essential to set up financial and healthcare documents for the future while your loved one is still able to make decisions. As their condition progresses, they may no longer be able to express their wishes, or an emergency situation may arise where these documents are necessary. Look into estate planning and setting up a power of attorney to ensure your loved one’s wishes are followed.

Step #5: Develop a Support Network

Caring for a loved one with dementia is a lot for anyone to handle on their own, and you shouldn’t navigate this journey alone. It is important that you remember this and start to build your support network now to help you manage care tasks and other responsibilities, as well as take care of yourself.

Whether you enlist the help of other family members to care for your loved one, rely on a few close friends, or join a caregiver support group, taking time for yourself is also important and will help you avoid caregiver burnout.

When a parent or loved one receives a dementia diagnosis, it can be overwhelming for the whole family. However, navigating this diagnosis will become easier with the right steps in place.

Our team at Franklin Park® Senior Living can help you on your dementia care journey. Visit our website or contact a member of our team to learn more about our memory care communities in San Antonio and Boerne and the care services we provide.