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Downsizing to a One-Bedroom Senior Apartment

As we age, it may be common to begin to realize that the home they’re living in is becoming a significant burden. A large house can not only create an extensive list of chores, but it can also be costly and lonely. Many seniors living at home can become overwhelmed with the work required to maintain the house, causing them unwanted stress.

Franklin Park® Senior Living offers luxury one-bedroom senior apartments in San Antonio, Texas, for older adults looking to enhance their retirement options. With the help of our supportive staff and amazing amenities, your family member will be free of chores and will be able to enjoy retirement the way they want! We’d like to share a few tips that you and your loved one can adhere to when on the search for an ideal solution to your loved one’s living situation.

Create a Plan

When searching for a senior living community ideal for your parent or family member, it’s best to create a plan before beginning the big move. Your loved one’s things will need to be organized, sorted through, packed, and designated to be moved into their new community. You’ll also have to discuss existing utility providers, home services, and other organizations your loved one interacts with to inform them of the transition in the event there are any changes in service.

Try making a list of all of the things that you and the senior in your life will have to accomplish before the transition is made. Make sure to ask your loved one about specific items and pieces of furniture in the home so you’re both clear on what should and should not be brought to their new home.

Consider the Benefits

The one-bedroom apartments that we offer at our Franklin Park® Senior Living communities are ideal for seniors wanting to downsize without losing an independent quality of life. Senior apartments are often outfitted with safety features that accommodate older adults and residing in a senior living community can provide more benefits than most people are aware of.

Our luxury senior living communities feature appealing amenities such as:

  • Upscale Dining
  • Health Centers and Fitness Programs
  • Business Centers
  • Social, Spiritual, and Mental Support Groups
  • Transportation Services
  • Modern Security Features

In addition to the various amenities offered at Franklin Park® Senior Living, each community within itself is the most significant benefit that residents receive. Living in a community provides a support network of like-minded seniors that are excited to make friends with your loved one. Many residents enjoy the company of others during their stay at Franklin Park® because they’re able to enjoy their hobbies and community activities with their neighbors, creating lasting and meaningful relationships.

Stay Positive

Throughout the transition, it may be easy for your loved one to become frustrated and experience feelings of uncertainty for the future. Anytime someone moves out of their home, hesitation may set in, and they may become uncomfortable with making such a monumental change in their life. Remember to consider your loved one’s feelings and value their opinions while downsizing. They may not realize that the community they are moving to will be ideal for them, so it is important to be patient and help them understand why the transition is in their best interest.

Once your loved one is in their new, one-bedroom apartment, work with them to customize the living space and make them feel comfortable. It’s essential to bring items that are important to them to remind them that although they’ve moved, they are still at home. It may not seem like much, but your support and unwavering dedication are also essential to helping your family member accomplish their transition!

Franklin Park® offers luxury senior living options throughout the San Antonio, Texas, area. If you’re interested in learning more about our floor plans, care services, or amenities, contact us today!


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