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Your Guide to Senior Living & Levels of Care


When people think of senior living options most of the time, they think of a nursing home or skilled nursing facility. That lack of understanding could be why some people are resistant to the idea of moving into a senior living environment. However, senior living does not have a one-size-fits-all solution, and nursing homes are not the only option. There are several types of senior living arrangements, and each is designed to meet the specific needs of the people being served by the community.

Which type of senior living home is right for you or your loved one?

Independent Living

Independent living is designed for seniors who do not require much (if any) help but enjoy the idea of a maintenance-free, communal living environment. In an independent living community, they can make new friends and are welcome to come and go as they please. An independent living community is just like home, with a few added benefits:

  • None of the burdens (like lawn care, maintenance, and repairs) associated with homeownership.
  • Access to resort-style amenities like fitness centers, spas, and shops.
  • Social events and activities.
  • Access to services like housekeeping, transportation, laundry, and meal programs.
  • Opportunity to meet new friends who share the same active lifestyle.

Services and activities are optional; they are available as a convenience to the residents. Some seniors prefer to prepare their own meals, while others would rather take advantage of the meal program and let someone else do the cooking. Each resident can decide which daily tasks they want to do themselves and which they would rather receive help in.

Who Could Benefit from Independent Living?

  • Someone who has lost a spouse or friends and would benefit from a community.
  • Someone who no longer has interest in taking care of a large house and would like to downsize.
  • Someone who wants help with laundry and other household tasks, so he or she has more time to pursue personal interests.
  • Someone who can no longer drive.

Assisted Living

While an excellent assisted living facility also has a variety of top-notch amenities, there are some fundamental differences between independent and assisted living.

  • An assisted living home requires a license and is monitored by the state.
  • Residents in assisted living need help with daily tasks like bathing, grooming, and taking medications.
  • Trained staff members are available to help residents in this way.

In assisted living, seniors get all the patient, compassionate support they need while living in a comfortable home with top-notch amenities. Meanwhile, their new friends live next door, so no one feels lonely, even when family members live too far away to visit regularly.

It is important to understand that an assisted living community is not a nursing home. Nursing homes include 24-hour skilled nurses and medical supervision. These skilled nursing facilities are for seniors who require around-the-clock care or monitoring.

Who Could Benefit from Assisted Living?

  • Someone who can no longer bathe or dress easily.
  • Someone who is losing weight because they are not able to cook nutritious meals.
  • Someone whose spouse is not able to help them with daily tasks.
  • Someone who needs help keeping track of and taking all necessary medications.
  • Someone whose family does not have the time or resources to become caregivers.

Memory Care

This type of senior living is unique and strictly for those with dementia-related illnesses, like Alzheimer’s. Residents living with dementia require exceptional care, compassion, and consideration, as do their families.

Specially trained staff are experienced with the unique challenges of memory loss and dementia-related illness. They create a warm, caring environment, complete with daily routines and the opportunity for the residents to participate in supervised activities as well as cognitive and physical fitness programs. The service at a memory care home is carefully tailored to suit each. The memory care community is designed for comfort and safety, from the common areas to the individual apartments.

Who Could Benefit from Memory Care?

  • Someone living with Alzheimer’s or another dementia-related illness diagnosis.
  • Someone who wants to maintain their skills and abilities for as long as possible after such a diagnosis.
  • Someone who intends to experience a high quality of life throughout the disease.

As a luxury senior living provider, Franklin Park® Senior Living offers these services at our communities in Texas. Although not all communities offer all services, you will be able to find one that suits your needs. Choosing the right senior living community provides a high quality of life for older adults and peace of mind for the families who love them. Start by finding the Franklin Park® community that best suits your needs.