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What Should I Look for in a Senior Assisted Living Community?

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Over 800,000 Americans have discovered that senior assisted living is the perfect choice for their lifestyle, whether they need a helping hand with activities of daily living or they simply want to enhance their wellness in a welcoming environment. 

If you’re considering taking the first step toward this exciting journey, you might be wondering where exactly you should begin your search for the perfect community that fits your unique needs and lifestyle. 

Our team at Franklin Park® Senior Living is here to help. With beautiful landscapes, elegant architecture, and a welcoming atmosphere that creates the perfect environment for residents and guests alike, our resort-style senior living communities offer a senior living experience like no other. We are sharing key factors you should look for in a senior assisted living community.

What You Should Know About Choosing the Right Senior Assisted Living Community for You

Think back to your younger years when you were finishing high school and preparing to move to a university of your choice. Before you began the application process, you probably took plenty of time to research each option, tour campuses, and ask plenty of questions to any alumni, students, or staff about the culture of each college. 

Choosing the right assisted living community is very similar to choosing the right college. While each community serves a similar purpose and supports the same goals for residents, they can vary in terms of specialties, community culture, and on-site amenities.

Before you begin your search, it’s essential to create a list of the things that you want out of your ideal senior assisted living community. Here are a few things to consider:

  • What are your health goals? Do you want to prioritize nutrition? Fitness? Mental health?
  • What kinds of amenities are you searching for? Swimming pools? Fitness centers? Activity groups?
  • Do you need assistance with activities of daily living (ADLs)? How would your ideal community help you with your needs?

Health & Wellness

Once you’ve determined your goals in relation to your overall wellness, whether you want to keep up with physical fitness or promote your spiritual or mental health, it’s time to find out how your chosen community is able to help you reach these achievements and assist you in the process. 

Many senior assisted living communities make wellness a priority, with special focus on providing opportunities to enrich and improve mental, physical, and spiritual health with events and programs that allow residents to learn more about implementing the dimensions of wellness into their lifestyles. At Franklin Park® Senior Living, our communities promote healthy aging by implementing programs that encourage active living so residents are able to stay engaged and healthy.


As with any new home, you won’t actually know what it’s like to live there until you officially move in. This makes tours an excellent opportunity to get a firsthand look and feel for a community’s amenities and services. Keep an eye out for any on-site amenities featured at your list of communities. These can include anything from fitness centers, swimming pools, activity centers, and more! 

All of these amenities serve as tools that residents can use in order to enhance their wellness and explore exciting hobbies and pastimes. By utilizing amenities, residents can easily create new and meaningful experiences with fellow residents and therefore foster new friendships along the way.

Care & Support

When it comes to care and support services, it’s important to note that residents in assisted living communities typically need help with activities of daily living (ADLs), which are the essential and basic tasks that a person needs to complete to lead an independent lifestyle. These include bathing, dressing, mobility, feeding, and toileting. 

Be sure to ask plenty of questions and do your research regarding how your chosen communities can help with these. Additionally, inquire about any other daily tasks that you have concerns about, like medication management, for instance.

Franklin Park® Senior Living offers assisted living services throughout San Antonio, Texas, and provides an environment of resort-style senior living that truly rivals that of an elegant, high-quality hotel. With private, spacious apartments, convenient services, and upscale dining, our amenities are sure to make a lasting impression.

Learn more about the assisted living services we offer in our resort-style senior living communities by visiting our website or contacting the Franklin Park® Senior Living team.