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Questions to Ask When Choosing an Independent Senior Living Community

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Deciding to move to an independent senior living community is a significant decision, but it’s only half the battle. You may know you want to move, but you also need to figure out where you want to move – and a lot goes into this decision.

Lucky for you, our team at Franklin Park® Senior Living is here to help you through the process! With independent senior living communities throughout San Antonio, Texas, we know how beneficial and life-enhancing these communities can be, but it’s about finding the right community for you. That’s why we’re sharing some of the questions you should be asking to determine if a community is the right fit for you and your desired retirement lifestyle.

Let’s Talk Accommodations

One of the most important aspects of choosing the right independent senior living community for you is the living space. You need to find a community that offers accommodations that make you feel comfortable and at home, with floor plan options that meet your wants and needs.

Questions you might ask in this area could include:

  • What floor plans are available?
  • Do apartment features vary by floor plan (for example, a balcony or storage closet)?
  • Does the apartment come furnished?
  • Is the community pet-friendly?
  • Are you able to make any alterations to the apartment (for example, paint the walls)?

At Franklin Park® Senior Living, our San Antonio independent senior living communities are designed to encourage lifestyles of leisure, activity, and socialization with home features, including:

  • Private, spacious apartments
  • Full-size kitchens and appliances
  • Kitchen islands and granite countertops
  • Full-size washer and dryer connections
  • Large closets and ample storage space
  • Personal storage units

What About Activities & Events?

Many individuals choose to move to an independent senior living community so they have more time to enjoy their retirement and pursue hobbies and interests. This makes the activities, events, and other engagement opportunities a community offers all the more important. So before committing to moving in, make sure that what the community has to offer aligns with your interests.

Be sure to ask for a list of activities or a monthly calendar of events. If possible, speak with some of the current residents and get real feedback on the goings-on at the community.

At Franklin Park® Senior Living, we take pride in offering upscale amenities and activities for our residents to enjoy. From indoor pools and game rooms to full bars and libraries, each day at Franklin Park® independent living is a unique, personalized experience.

We create an active environment for adults to turn their hobbies into a routine that brings them joy and happiness. Fitness centers, business amenities, and on-site shopping are just more of our amenities that further enhance the independent senior living experience for residents at Franklin Park® in San Antonio.

Don’t Forget About Dining

While some individuals love to cook and will use their retirement as an opportunity to enhance their skills in the kitchen, others may prefer to leave the shopping, cooking, and cleaning to someone else. When considering an independent senior living community, you need to find out as much as you can about the community’s dining options. While your apartment may have a kitchen or kitchenette for cooking, does the community also offer communal dining options or multiple restaurants on-site (many do!)?

Some questions about dining may include:

  • Are there specific mealtimes?
  • If so, what options are available outside of regular meal hours?
  • Is there a menu with options to choose from for each meal?
  • How many meals are provided per day?
  • If the community has on-site restaurants, can residents invite guests to join them for a meal?

We take our dining experience very seriously throughout our San Antonio communities. Learn more about our dining options by reading our blog, “How Franklin Park® is Elevating the Senior Living Dining Experience.”

Finally, Pricing

For many people, their decision often comes down to the cost associated with the independent senior living community. However, it’s important to take into consideration all that this price includes. For example, while one community may have a lower price point, this rate may not cover utilities or have fewer on-site amenities and features. In comparison, an independent senior living community at a higher rate may be all-inclusive or have on-site conveniences like dining, salon, pool, and more.

Questions you should ask regarding a community’s monthly rate should include:

  • Does the rate vary by floor plan?
  • Are utilities included?
  • Are dining options included?
  • Are housekeeping or laundry services included?
  • Will the monthly rate change?

There are many factors to consider when choosing the right independent senior living community for you. Doing research, taking a tour (whether in-person or virtually), and asking questions can help you determine if a community is right for you. And sometimes, you just have to go with your gut!

To learn more about Franklin Park® Senior Living, we invite you to contact a member of our team to schedule a personalized tour and have all of your questions answered!