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How Do I Know It’s Time for Assisted Living?

Everyone wants to maintain their independence for as long as possible. Sometimes, though, as we age, it becomes less feasible, less practical, and less safe for an individual to live independently.

If you’ve always been an active and self-sufficient person, it can be easy to ignore your changing abilities and health needs. Many adults might think that by avoiding these changes, they won’t have to address the fact that they could benefit from assistance. In actuality, by addressing these changes and signs when you first notice them, you can enhance your independence, not limit it.

Franklin Park® Senior Living offers independent living, assisted living, and memory care communities throughout San Antonio, Texas. The purpose of our communities is to deliver the necessary daily support to residents while fostering growth and independence.

It’s time to be honest with yourself; is it time for you to consider assisted living?

Changes in Basic Activities 

Possibly the most significant indicator that an individual can no longer live independently is the inability to complete basic daily tasks, also known as activities of daily living (ADLs), on their own. Common ADLs include personal hygiene, dressing, mobility, and eating. What’s important to remember is that even if you can complete these tasks, any changes in efficiency or effectiveness could indicate the need for assistance.

Signs to Consider Include:

  • It is taking you longer to get dressed each day.
  • You sometimes forget to brush your teeth.
  • You’ve begun to shuffle your feet instead of walking.
  • You rely heavily on handrails to walk up steps or stairs.
  • You have to grab onto something to get up from a seated position.

The primary focus of assisted living communities is to provide support with these day-to-day activities. Caregivers are available around-the-clock to ensure that residents receive the proper assistance and encouragement to complete ADLs successfully and lead safe and healthy lives.

With assisted living at Franklin Park®, our friendly team offers the support needed to encourage confidence and growth.

Changes in Instrumental Activities

Instrumental ADLs are tasks that require more thinking and organizational skills than basic ADLs, like driving and shopping, managing finances, maintaining a home, and communicating with others.

Instrumental ADLs are arguably less vital than basic ADLs, but they are still essential in living and succeeding independently. When it becomes difficult for adults to complete tasks like these, many will explore other avenues—like hiring a housekeeper or ordering groceries online. Still, it’s important to notice any change or decline in ability, as it may be time to start thinking about care options.

Signs to Consider Include:

  • You have forgotten to pay bills on multiple occasions.
  • You find it difficult to keep up with medication dosages and schedules.
  • Running errands becomes overwhelming and exhausting.
  • There are broken appliances around the house that you keep forgetting to fix.

In contrast to basic ADLs, the purpose of assisted living is not to provide help with instrumental ADLs but to make them no longer necessary. With all the comfort and convenience offered in an assisted living community, adults will no longer need to run errands, maintain a home, or manage finances. This is a driving factor for adults who may not need immediate support with basic ADLs but are seeking a life of ease and convenience.

Changes in Behavior 

In addition to needing more physical support, many people need mental and social support as they age, too. Some adults may experience mood swings—becoming volatile, aggressive, or withdrawn. Others, though, simply become bored or lonely. If you notice any changes in the way you’re feeling or acting, it may be time to consider moving to a community so you can receive social and mental stimulation.

Signs to Consider Include:

  • You’re no longer interested in the activities and hobbies you used to enjoy.
  • You have noticed that you hardly leave the house.
  • You have a limited (or no) social circle.
  • You’re interested in living a more active life but don’t know where to start.

In addition to providing physical assistance and convenient amenities, assisted living communities also offer activities and programs to encourage physical and social wellness. At Franklin Park®, our communities feature fitness centers, libraries, and game rooms that allow residents to focus on health and wellness, as well as personal interests and relationships.

Knowing When It’s Time 

You want to maintain independence, dignity, and freedom, so it’s not uncommon for older adults to neglect the signs that they may require more attention and support. However, by recognizing the signs right away, you can proactively begin to think about the future and care options available.

By considering assisted living, you can choose to value and enhance your independence and wellness. Like those offered at Franklin Park®, assisted living services provide support when needed and independence when wanted—creating a specific lifestyle catered to each individual.

Franklin Park® Senior Living has assisted living communities throughout the San Antonio, Texas, area, including Round Rock and Boerne. Each community offers professional, dedicated, and respectful assistance with routine daily tasks, as well as an engaging social calendar full of physical, mental, and spiritual activities—all in an upscale, resort-style environment.

If you’d like more information on our assisted living communities or how they could benefit you, we encourage you to contact a member of our team. We look forward to hearing from you!