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Everything You Need to Know for Dating After 60

dating after 60

The Golden Bachelor on ABC network brought dating for older adults into the spotlight. Viewers followed the popular franchise’s first-ever senior bachelor – a 72-year-old widow named Gerry Turner – as he went on an exciting journey to find love among 22 contestants, all women between the ages of 60 and 75.

Let’s be honest, though, reality dating shows certainly do not reflect the normal dating experiences that everyday people go through, especially when it comes to dating after 60. For many older adults who want to jump back into the dating pool, it can be a scary and uncertain situation. Not only do older adults face the same dating challenges as younger generations, but they now also face the nuances of technology in the modern era, which has intertwined itself into the dating world thanks to websites and apps that promise to find each user’s perfect match. 

Franklin Park® Senior Living wants to help everyone get another chance at jumping back into the dating game. After all, it’s never too late to enjoy the excitement of a first date and create new, meaningful relationships.

Here are some of the many benefits that come along with dating after 60 and some helpful tips to provide some guidance into the modern world of dating. 

Expectations and Social Stereotypes

Remember that one of the main challenges of dating after 60 is confronting societal stereotypes and ageist beliefs. Many people think dating is meant solely for younger generations, although this is absolutely untrue. These limiting narratives are meant to be challenged, which you can do by embracing your self-confidence, taking pride in your own life experiences and wisdom, and being true to yourself. 

Think back to the advice you might have given your children when they first began going on dates. You probably told them to be themselves, stay true to their standards, and embrace their authenticity to find the right partner and ideal relationship. This is exactly what you should tell yourself as you dive into the dating pool again. It’s okay to have high expectations, especially when it comes to maintaining healthy standards and practices for yourself romantically, and you shouldn’t have to sacrifice those morals and beliefs to find a relationship. 

Go into dating knowing precisely what you’re searching for in another person, and screen any potential dates closely. Be honest with your dates by telling them exactly what your expectations are and what you want out of a relationship. 

Dating Apps and Websites

Technology might not sound like the ideal way to find a potential soulmate. However, online dating apps and websites have become wonderful tools to help people connect.

Safety Precautions for Online Dating

Connecting with any person brings uncertainty and challenges, so it’s essential to stay as safe as possible when you begin to navigate the modern world of dating. Nowadays, there’s always a risk of running into scams or people who aren’t who they say they are. When dating after 60, it’s essential to implement safety precautions.

Meet in Public Places

When it comes to going on a first date with someone you’ve met online or only once before in person, set up your date in a public place. This should be an environment in which you are not completely alone with the person just in case something goes wrong or if the person doesn’t turn out to be who they say they are. 

If you still feel apprehensive about an in-person first date, especially if you’ve never met before, set up a video call beforehand. Not only is this a great way to ensure that this person is who they say they are and help you stay safe, but it can be an excellent way to break the ice and avoid any first-date jitters.

Make Sure a Friend or Family Member Knows Your Plans

Be sure to let a close friend or relative know your plans and keep in touch with them throughout your date so you can ensure them you’re either safe and having a great time or have someone available to come and pick you up if needed. Tell your chosen person exactly where you’ll be, at what time, and who you’re meeting. For an extra safety net, devise an “escape plan” in case of a bad date or scary situation. This can be anything from texting a designated code word to setting up a specific time for your friend to call you so you can step outside and let them know whether or not the date is going well.

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