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Armchair Travel: A Sensory Experience

At Franklin Park Senior Living, we love to highlight activities that our residents enjoy and that make a difference in their lives. We’re delighted to spotlight Armchair Travel: A Sensory Experience program provided by The Landing at Stone Oak.

Armchair Travel activities can be used with a wide variety of people experiencing all stages of dementia. The primary purpose of this program is to entertain our residents and immerse them in a sensory experience through culture. Together, the residents will plan a “journey” to faraway lands and place items for a planned journey into a suitcase. This activity can make our residents more alert or create a more calming environment. This activity allows those participating to reminisce and share stories about places they have been and, of course, they have a great time doing it!

How It Works

We bring a suitcase into our Activities Room and discuss with our residents that we are pretending to visit a specific region. We explain the need to pack a suitcase to visit the chosen location, and we need to place various items into a suitcase to visit that location. Last week, on our journey to Africa, our residents packed warm weather clothes, sunglasses, etc. Together we also discuss other important necessary items for traveling.

After packing the suitcase, and reviewing travel safety, we take the suitcase to another room. In this location, we participate in a culture-themed craft and enjoy a tasty snack, specific to the region the residents pretended to visit.  An example of an African craft could be decorating rain sticks and eating Tatale, or plantain pancakes.

Another Travel Story

In one of our “travels,” our residents visited Europe! One of our residents even spoke about a trip she took to Europe. During her hotel stay, she reminisced about a time she went to the shower and discovered there were no faucets or knobs of any kind. She could not get the water running, and it took her some time before she discovered that the dials were next to the shower! The story brought smiles and plenty of laughter to the group.

Our Armchair Traveling Activities take us to faraway lands as we travel, craft, and have a small hands-on-snack corresponding to our destination. It is always an exciting adventure together! Feel free to come to stop by, tour the community, and learn about other exciting activities we provide!


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